HiredNurses.com Employer Help

We've covered the most basic topics below about how to manage your HiredNurses.com Employer Accounts. You can also see if your question is answered in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

If you have additional questions, please contact us anytime at clients@hirednurses.com.

Creating a HiredNurses.com Employer Account

To post an opening, you will need to set up an account by going to https://www.hirednurses.com/client_setup . 

Please fill in the username and password you would like to use and the required fields. Once you have set up your billing information, you will be able to begin posting your jobs. 

If you already have an account in the system please sign in with your account username and password at https://www3.hirednurses.com/employer-home/ to manage your jobs. 

Once signed in you will see the employer dashboard. This is where you can post, edit and suspend positions, review and message applicants.

Existing clients can view billing information at https://www2.hirednurses.com/clientstats/ . 

Posting a Position

To post a position please select;Post Jobs>Post a single job. Fill out the required bolded fields and any additional information you wish to include in the job listing.

You can choose to have candidates apply through HiredNurses.com, your email or your website.

  • Your Email or through HiredNurses.com - If you choose for the candidate to apply through these two methods, you will be notified of each applicant via email with attachments and the applicant's information will be listed under Manage Applicants when logged into the career center.
  • Use your website - If you choose for the candidate to apply through this method, we will count the number of clicks on the apply button but will not store the applicant's information.

When all of the information is in the form, please select Preview to review your information. If you are satisfied with the information that is displayed continue the posting process by selecting Next. The information in the posting can always be edited at a later time on the Manage Jobs page. Please refer to Figure 1.

Figure 1

Manage and Editing Existing Jobs

Once you have returned to the employer dashboard you can edit positions under Post Jobs>Manage Jobs. Please notice the dropdown defaults to Active. You can organize your postings by Active, Incomplete, Expired and Suspended. When you have found the position you are looking to edit, review or renew please click on the appropriate button on the right to make the desired changes. Please refer to Figure 2.

Please note: It can take up to 10 minutes for your changes to appear on that job when viewed in the search results.

Figure 2

Manage and Contacting Applicants

When a candidate has applied to a position you can review their resume, cover letter and email in Manage Applicants (found on the employer home page at https://www3.hirednurses.com/employer-home). On this page, you can search by job title, candidate status and rating. Once you have found the candidate you are looking for please select their name. The view applicant page will allow you to email the candidate, add the candidate to another job listing that you have posted, rate the candidate for the opening and update the candidates status (New, Interviewed, Hired, Not a Fit, etc.).

If the candidate has applied for more than one position, please make sure you have selected the right position as the resumes and cover letters might differ between roles. Please refer to Figure 3.

Figure 3

Reviewing Resumes and Cover Letters

Below the Documents for Job Title section are two tabs for Resume and Cover Letter. You can download each by selecting Download on the respective tab.
If the seeker has uploaded a document as a resume or cover letter you can search the document by clicking on the magnifying glass or open in a new tab by selecting the ribbon icon on the right. If you open in a new tab and wish to download, please refer to your browser's settings to print. You may also print on the View Applicants page by selecting the arrow in the right corner.
At the very bottom of this page is a section for you to type out notes that only you will see. These will be listed to review, edit and delete below the text field. If you wish to review all activity including notes, ratings and status, please select the Activity tab on the left. Please refer to Figure 4.

Figure 4