Press Release: April 23, 2020 reports COVID-19’s impact on the cost of recruiting nurses online.

Trends reveal significant increases in the cost of online nursing recruitment.

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Recruiting nurses in the United States has always been an expensive proposition. Very simply, there are never enough nurses to go around. reports that online recruitment has become even more competitive and expensive as regions of the United States continue to experience a critical shortage of nursing staff. However, has been able to continue delivering nursing leads at a significantly lower cost than the industry average during the pandemic.

Industry organizations have reported that the cost of hiring one nurse is 38.8% higher than it was in February, and 60.7% higher than the cost of hiring one nurse in January,” said Steven Haim, Chief Revenue Officer of HiredNurses. “We’ve been able to keep increases for the vast majority of our clients below 10%.”

The increased cost is not simply due to a spike in job listings. The number of nurses looking for jobs in the United States has decreased. Those nurses who are exploring opportunities are browsing more and completing fewer applications. That translates to a significantly higher cost-per-click, and a lower conversion rate. Nursing recruiters need to purchase more clicks simply to maintain pre-pandemic levels of hires.

Healthcare organizations are doing their best to stack the decision making odds in their favor with generous sign-up bonuses, and two to three times the standard weekly pay nurses typically receive. It’s important to loudly communicate those financial incentives to this extremely tight labor market.

“Make sure your recruitment ads are updated to reflect those pay increases and sign-up bonuses immediately, or you’re going to lose those applicants to other sources,” warned Josh Blumenfeld, CEO of HiredNurses.

That’s a lost opportunity that few healthcare organizations can afford at the moment.

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